Calvin Klein is making a revealing fall fashion statement with a "sleeves-only" sweater that retails for $1,650, reports the Association of Mature American Citizens.

Russell Gold, senior energy reporter for The Wall Street Journal and the inaugural Energy Journalism Fellow at UT Austin, offered his perspective on the energy bust at panel during UT Energy Week. Below are highlights from Gold’s remarks, reflecting his own opinion.

Everyone has at least a few non-negotiable values. These are the things that, no matter what the circumstance, you’d never compromise for any reason – such as “I’d never hurt a child,” or “I’m against the death penalty.”

Kim Kardashian may be the reigning queen of selfies, but even she could learn a thing or two from UC Berkeley senior Lydia Tuan, who is teaching a class on what lies behind the compulsive self-portrait snapping phenomenon.

Lower and middle-income King County residents who live in denser neighborhoods with stores, libraries and other destinations within easy reach are more likely to walk or bike, according to new University of Washington research.